Your drive, our passion

VCST is a world-class automotive supplier of precision-machined gears and other critical components for the passenger car and commercial vehicle markets. We create global customer intimacy from local presence in most important automotive regions and provide turnkey solutions in product and process developments. Calling on the services of VCST is synonymous for the acquaintance with an enthusiastic team, impassioned by the desire to design, develop, manufacture and service products that meet the highest standards of precision and quality.


VCST designs and manufactures engine, transmission and brake components. The main product lines focus on engine timing and balancing geartrains, transmission gears and shafts and Valve bodies for electronic Brake systems. State of the art technologies are applied to manufacture products in vertically integrated processes. Our engineers strive for cutting edge machining conditions providing compelling and competitive solutions. We take a leading role in contributing to ever strengthening standards in emission and noise reductions and have numerous partnerships with external research centers supporting our drive for innovation.




VCST's products find their ways to many different end markets ; we serve the automotive on-road car and truck industry, as well as the off-road vehicle markets, amongst others marine, mining, construction, agriculture etc.. We embark on global platforms of blue-chip OEM’s covering our product presence in all major industrial regions worldwide. Our concurrent engineering approach provides our customers a competitive advantage in their markets supporting their success.  


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