The power of transmission

IGW is an industry leading provider of transmission solutions. We design and manufacture customized gears, gearboxes, shafts and housings as well as provide specialized services to a variety of the most demanding applications, with a focus on transport, energy and manufacturing industries. Our state of the art processes, highly skilled employees and passion for continuous innovation has allowed us to become the trusted partner in the realization of the toughest projects of our clients.


We design and manufacture high quality transmission solutions for applications that can be split into three key areas: transport, energy and manufacturing industries. Across all these industries we develop a deep understanding of customers’ applications, as well as the associated pressures, regulations and performance standards. We are able to give our clients an engineering advantage by applying the sharpest attention to detail at every stage - from design and manufacturing through lean processes, to final delivery and service.


From individually tailored industrial transmission solutions for OEMs to meticulous service programs, we lead the way - and are dedicated to going beyond customers’ expectations.

Through years of research, development and technological innovation, we design, manufacture and supply unique transmission products.

Our production is completely vertically integrated, and includes heat treatment. We ensure the longest possible lifetime by micro correcting gears, ensuring lower noise and vibration output.


  • Kampveldstraat 51
  • 8020 Oostkamp
  • Belgium