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BMT drive solutions is a division of the BMT Group and is a global leader in the field of gear drives.
It comprises the brands “VCST”, “IGW” and “Involute Gear” and serves customers around the globe within automotive, rail and industrial markets.

Across all these markets we develop a deep understanding of our customers’ applications, as well as the associated regulations and performance standards. The shared know-how, commitment to innovation and global presence makes us a formidable force in the gear system market.

BMT drive solutions its production is completely vertically integrated and includes heat and surface treatment. With plants in Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, India, China, US & Mexico, BMT drive solutions is close to customers all over the globe, which gives them leverage on a sustainable global supply base. The division´s operating activities are split into business lines, one-on-one reflecting the markets we’re active in. In 2017, BMT Drive Solutions generated annual sales of EUR 345 million.


Within the Business Line automotive, “VCST” designs and manufactures engine timing and balancing gear trains, transmission gears and shafts, as well as valve bodies for electronic brake systems. State of the art technologies are applied to manufacture products in vertically integrated processes. Our engineers strive for cutting edge machining conditions providing compelling and competitive solutions. We take a leading role in contributing to ever strengthening standards in emission and noise reductions and have numerous partnerships with external research centers supporting our drive for innovation.



Our Business Line industrial manufactures components for drivelines for various applications such as transmissions, engines, compressors, blowers, pumps and turbines for agriculture, construction, oil and gas, process and manufacturing industries. Products from 20 till 2,000mm are within our manufacturing scope, from one piece to high series. Global industry leading customers rely on the “IGW” and “Involute Gear” renowned brands for their application in most demanding industries.




For many years, we also have been providing drive solutions to the rail industry. Branded and designed as “IGW”, we have delivered so far over 100,000 gearboxes and gear couplings for the most prestigious rail projects all over the world.  All rail industry leading customers have placed their trust in our expertise, state-of-the art capabilities and quality of our products. We also have the most comprehensive testing facilities in-house whether to simulate the hot and dusty environment of the desert as well as the cold and humid circumstances of the arctic region. Within our Business Line rail, we serve both OEM as the service/aftermarket.




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